Availability and Terms - 2012

Price List

The prices of available irises are shown to the right of each picture and description in the catalogs pages. There is no longer a separate printed list.  All prices are good for the 2012 season.


Some irises are in short supply.  They will be reserved on a first come, first served basis.  Zydeco specializes in providing a wide variety of different cultivars and caters to individual gardeners.  At this time, we are not set up to supply large numbers of any particular plant or to sell wholesale.


A downloadable order form is available from the catalog pages.  Just print it and mail it.  Or feel free to email your order to patrick@zydecoirises.com.  Payment should be by check or money order.

Shipping will begin on August 27 and end on October 1.   In previous years, I have been willing to ship through October and even into early November.  October is a good month to plant, although I personally think earlier is better, but October also is critical to remaking beds and getting the garden ready for winter.  Zydeco is a small "boutique" nursery, and I have learned that I have to have October free to dig, divide and replant. So, please get your orders in early and plan to get your garden ready for winter, too.

Substitutes and Extras

Please indicate if you will accept substitutes for plants unavailable.  I will attempt to substitute from suggestions and will provide plants of equal or greater value.  Extras will be sent unless you specify otherwise. If there is something you already have or don't want, indicate that also.


I will only send plants in good condition and of a size representative of the cultivar under good growing conditions in South Louisiana.


Iris color for a particular variety can vary slightly with soil, weather, and season.  In addition, photographs vary with cameras and the time of day a picture is taken.  Monitors are not calibrated identically and the appearance on screen is another source of color variability.  As a result, there is no guarantee that the color of an iris in your garden will be identical to what you see in the online catalog.


Plants will be shipped Priority U. S. Mail unless another method is requested.  Please indicate the approximate date you would like shipping to occur.  Zydeco at this time does not ship outside the USA.

Shipping charges are:

$9 and $ .30 for each plant over 10

Free shipping on orders over $150