Abbreviations Used in the Zydeco Louisiana Iris Garden Catalog
There are not many abbreviations.  The entry for 'Andouille' will serve as an illustration.
ANDOUILLE.  R1999.  Sdlg. 94-22.   32", ML.  Cherry red, narrowly rimmed white.  Styles also outlined in white, with white tips.  Inconspicuous yellow spear signal.   Irish Bayou x R. Morgan seedling L-113-B.  A vigorous red that is distinguished by its edging.  Pronounced "ahn-do'-ee" and named for a Cajun sausage.


Andouille was registered with the American Iris Society in 1999.

32" The terminal or top bloom on a stalk is 32 inches from the ground, as specified in the registration description. Usually this is above the top of the foliage.  Variation can be expected under different growing conditions and in different parts of the country
ML This iris blooms from mid season to late.  Other irises may be described as early (E) bloomers, or combinations of E, M and L.
Sdlg. 94-22 Andouille was given this seedling number while it was being evaluated and before being named at the time of registration.  Not many people care about this.  Maybe none do.
Irish Bayou x R. Morgan seedling L-113-B The italicized irises or seedlings named are the pod and pollen parents of the iris, respectively. Sometimes one or both parents are not known.  The parents might be seedlings or other registered irises or a combination of both.  If you have registration information on other Louisiana irises, such as is available though the Society for Louisiana Irises, you could find out about the color and other characteristics of the parents.  This background information would be useful if you wanted to use the particular iris in hybridizing.
Description of flower parts Descriptions include information on the color of the petals (the falls and standards).  If the color of the falls and standards is not specified separately, it is because they are the same or virtually the same. Often the style arms are a different color and that will be given.   The color of the falls, standards and styles is required to be specified when an iris is registered.  Other information may be given in this catalog, also, such as growth habit, vigor or some other interesting characteristic.
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