Louisiana Iris Gallery 2013

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ACADIAN.  R1956, Sidney Conger.  24", M.  Standards light rose, splashed violet-rose; falls deeper rose red splashed violet-rose.  A unique, velvety red combination.  Older iris, but still great. Caroginia x Rose of Abbeville.

Louisiana Iris 'Andouille'

ANDOUILLE.  R1999.  Cherry red, narrowly rimmed white.  Styles also outlined in white, with white tips. Inconspicuous yellow spear signal.  32", ML.  Irish Bayou x R. Morgan seedling L-113-B.  A vigorous red that is distinguished by its edging.  Pronounced "ahn-doo'-ee" and named for a Cajun sausage.  

Louisiana Iris - Ann Chowning

ANN CHOWNING.  R1976, Frank Chowning. 36", E.  Current red self.  Brilliant gold signal.  Miss Arkansas x W. B. MacMillan.  At one time considered the finest red Louisiana produced and the winner of the Mary Swords Debaillon Award, the highest given to a Louisiana iris.  A beautiful iris.

Louisiana Iris - Atchafalaya

ATCHAFALAYA.  R1998, Farron Campbell.  34-35", EM.  Velvety, very dark red violet, slight silver halo.  Yellow signal and green crest on all petals.  Style arms red violet. Lightly ruffled cartwheel form.  Very vigorous grower.  Some stalks lean, creating a rounded clump.  John's Lucifer x Jeri


BARATARIA.  R2002, Patrick O'Connor.  Sdlg. 97-4.  Bright rose-pink with cream styles tipped with rose.  Inconspicuous yellow line signal in a field of cream veined rose.  34", M.  Buxom x Beausoleil.  A remarkably saturated, day-glo color.

Louisiana Iris - Bayou Fountain

BAYOU FOUNTAIN.  R1992, Patrick O'Connor.  Sdlg. 81-1.  Blue-purple with a yellow signal on a white ground.  Some white veining near signal.  Dark red-purple styles. 36", EM.  Unknown parentage. A good, vigorous garden iris.  Loves to grow in water, but does not require it.    

Louisiana Iris - Beale Street

BEALE STREET.  R1996, Kevin Vaughn.  40-44", EML.  Ruffled intense dark blue, falls veined deeper.  Pale primrose yellow signal outlined black.  Bellevue Coquette x Marie Dolores.  An imposing iris and one of the best blues.  


BEAUSOLEIL.  R1999, Patrick O'Connor.  Sdlg. 82-11.  Tall, pale pink with a white suffusion. Style arms cream with darker pink band along midrib.  Yellow line signal. 40-42", M.  Cajun Caper x unknown.  Delicate pastel colors on a tall, robust plant.   


BERA.  R1996, Joseph Mertzweiller.  30-34", M.  Standards medium purple, narrow silvery white edge; style arms purple; falls slightly darker purple, veined, narrow triangular yellow signal.  Acadian Miss x Easter Tide.


BETTY SEE.  Wayland Rudkin, R. 2008. 31", EM.  Standards lavender violet fading to edge, deepest color in center; style arms lavender violet.  Falls same as standards but deeper.  Signal gold steeple around raised gold line. Ruffled. (Dominique selfed x Bayou Mystique) X seedling.


BIG CHARITY.   R2005, Patrick O'Connor.  32", M.   Falls appear pink but consist of rose-plum and white veining.  Standards are whiter, and the rose-plum veining is less pronounced.  Signal is a bright gold line surrounded by a thumbprint of white veined gold.  All petals are edged white, more noticeable in pictures than to the naked eye.  Sunshine Bridge x Kristi G.  Named for Charity Hospital in New Orleans, opened in 1736 and destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.


BIRTHDAY SUIT.  R2010, Patrick O'Connor.   Sdlg. 06-25.  36", EM.  Falls white with very pale overlay of pink. Standards near white with some very pale pink toward edges.  Styles cream with deeper, fleshy pink in alongside a lighter midrib.  Signals are a loosely defined series of yellow lines, darker toward the middle; a few yellow lines repeated on standards.  Slightly ruffled petals.  Honey Star x Nottoway.  The amount of pink coloring seems variable with the season; in 2009 it was near white but it has been more distinctly pink before.  Growers in some areas of the country also have reported that the iris appears essentially white.


BLACK GAMECOCK. R1978, Frank Chowning.  24", L.  A blue-black self with a narrow gold line signal.  Performs well in cold and warm climates and possibly is the most widely grown Louisiana iris in the country.  Undoubtedly comes from an I. brevicaulis background Increases rapidly.  Unknown parentage.

Louisiana Iris 'Blue Splatter'

BLUE SPLATTER.  Wayland Rudkin, R. 2008. 31". E.  Standards and recurved falls purple infused blue, scattered yellow veining.  Style arms light yellow tinged red on back.  Signal raised gold line on yellow ground. Ruffled. Dominique selfed, x Bayou Mystique) X Hush Money.


BYRON BAY.  R1983, Robert Raabe.  39", E.  The super terse registration describes this iris simply as "Gentian blue."  It is a nice iris that deserves a few superlatives.   It's an excellent, slightly ruffled mid-blue that benefits from a nice yellow, arrowhead signal.  A favorite garden iris.  Clara Goula x (Clara Goula x Gatewood Princess)  


BUFF DANCER.  R1985, Frank Chowning.  Golden buff with orange line signal bordered brown; cinnamon crest and style arms.  Another shorter iris, growing to 31 inches on well formed stalks.  G. W. Holleyman x Little Miss Leighly.


BYWATER.  R2005, Patrick O'Connor.  26", M.  Pale blue standards and falls.  White styles.  Narrow line signal on falls, repeated less conspicuously on standards. Lightly ruffled.  Really light blue. "The Bywater" is a old neighborhood in New Orleans down river from the French Quarter.  It did not flood during Katrina. Southdowns x Lake Sylvia.  


CAJUNDOME.  R1988, Charles Arny.  36",M.  Large, rounded, beet red falls and purplish red standards. Very large yellow thumbprint signal. Styles red with yellow rib at base.  Ann Chowning x Charles Arny III


CHEF MENTEUR PASS.   R2005, Patrick O'Connor.  36", M.  Medium purple falls and standards.  Showy thumbprint signal coarsely veined cream and purple, with yellow line in center.  Lower half of styles cream, upper half red-purple.  Loosely ruffled. False River x Shizuoka Sunrise.  Originally registered as 'Chef Menteur' in 2003 but it was discovered that the name had been used in 1933.  "Chef Menteur" literally means "chief liar" and is also the name given to a channel east of New Orleans that connects Lake Pontchartrain with Lake Borgne and the Gulf.  


CHERRY CUP.  Richard Morgan, R1988. 26-28", M.  Full red with yellow wire rim on falls.  Yellow line signal.  F. A. C. McCulla X Little Miss Sims.  HM 1993, AM 1996.  One of the most brilliant reds available. A somewhat open and graceful flower form that makes an outstanding garden show.


CHIEF OF CHIEFS. R2008, Patrick O'Connor.  34", M.  Rosy-orange falls with a orange thumbprint signal marked by rose-orange veins and a gold line signal.  Standards broadly edge rosy-orange with a broad center band of pale yellow and darker center veins.  Styles cream washed rose at edges and on style tips.  Holds color better in a little shade.  Lemon Zest x Bellocq.   

Louisiana Iris City of Ruins
CITY OF RUINS.  R2007. A colorful mid-sized reddish rose.  The falls are lightly edged white and the thumbprint signal is a loosely defined arrowhead with distinctly green in the center.  The standards have some light green center lines extending a third of the way up the petals.  The styles are a fleshy cream with linear rose markings and cream edges.  The iris grows about 24 inches tall. Blooms mid season. Lemon Zest x Tickfaw.
Louisiana Iris Chuck Begnaud CHUCK BEGNAUD.   R1999, Dorman Haymon.  Rich lavender, edged white, falls velvety; gold ray signal edged white; style arms dark lavender, lighter tip; ruffled, serrated.   The edging and flaring form make this a gorgeous garden iris.  Grows 25-28 inches tall and blooms early to midseason. A good grower, too.  Kay Nelson x (Lafayette Honey sib x Charjoy's Mike).   

CHOCOLATE CITY.  R2011. 36", M.  Sdlg. 08-05.  Light brownish beige with undertones of rose, especially when just opened.  Styles cream with hint of gold that partially hide the yellow arrowhead signal.. Very good stalks and form, plus nice foliage.  Princess Leia X Thanksgiving Fest.  Inspired by the ex-Mayor's famous description of New Orleans post Katrina, but the color is a blend, which is what New Orleans really is. 


CLYDE REDMOND.  R1970, Charles Arny.  30", M.  Registered as a cornflower blue self with a yellow signal.  This is a relatively short and remarkably vigorous blue.  The deep color and garden performance has made it very popular over the years.  Puttytat x Snow Pearl.

Louisiana Iris 'Cocodrie'

COCODRIE R2013. M, 26-30”.  Sdlg. 07-13.  Standards and falls light orange, deeper toward tips and edges.  Yellow starburst signal outlined deep rust-orange.  Styles cream with hint of green, tipped light orange and with a deep orange ridge forming a distinct star.  Falls light orange.  Graceful, flaring flower form that shows up from a distance.  Lemon Zest x Frenchmen Street.  2013 INTRODUCTION


COOL NITE.  R2000, Richard Morgan.  24", EM.  Stands and style arms medium blue violet; falls dark blue violet, small yellow steeple signal.  Sea Knight X Lake Sylvia  


CREOLE RHAPSODY.   R1998, Joseph Mertzweiller.  30-34", M.  Falls deep wine red to rose red.  Standards creamy white, wine red mid-rib and veining.   Style arms green base, yellow green midrib, wine red tips and edges.   Large yellow signal; lightly ruffled. Colorific X Tetraploid seedling

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