Louisiana Iris Gallery 2013

DEJA VOODOO.  R2011, Patrick O'Connor.  32", M.  Ruffled deep purple self, including styles. Bright yellow arrowhead signal, consisting of a series of segments outlined by purple. Signals are a loosely defined series of yellow lines, darker toward the middle; a few yellow lines repeated on standards.  Slightly ruffled petals.  German Coast X Henry Rowlan.  SOLD OUT

Louisiana-Iris-Delta-Star DELTA STAR.  R1966, Marvin Granger.  32-38", M.  Deep purple self; six-petal led with signal patch on all falls.  Creole Can-Can X (Creole Can-Can x The Kahn).  Vigorous.  
Louisiana-Iris-Dixie-Country DIXIE COUNTRY.  R1993, Kirk Strawn.  28", L.  Standards and falls violet-blue. Styles arms slightly lighter violet-blue. Inconspicuous yellow spear signal.  A good grower that is one of the few hybrids of I. hexagona origin.  Lafitte's Retreat x collected I. hexagona, Cross City, FL.  
Louisiana-Iris-Dixie-Deb DIXIE DEB.  R1950, Frank Chowning.  38", E.  An older iris, long popular and with a terse registration description: "Sulphur yellow self; gold spot."  The form of the iris shows its age, but it remains a graceful flower and a remarkably vigorous grower.  It can dominate a planting, so give it space.  Lockett's Luck X Louise Austin.  

DUCK LADY. R2009, Patrick O'Connor.   36", M.  Salmon self.  Loosely defined yellow signal area on all petals, with darker salmon veining especially on falls and becoming olive green near center; falls have greenish spear signal in center.  Styles salmon in center edged greenish yellow.  Flower form flat to slightly cupped. Frenchmen Street x Kelley's Choice.  


EARLY ON.  R2005, Patrick O'Connor.  36", E.  Medium orchid falls suffused white near center and white standards veined medium orchid, especially near outer edges.  Style arms are cream with a distinct green cast and orchid on either side of the midrib.  Yellow thumbprint signal with an orange center line becoming wine red and extending almost to outer edge of falls.  Irregularly ruffled flower.  An early bloomer. (Shizuoka Sunrise x False River) X Bubble Gum Ballerina 


EDITH DUPRE.  R1945, George Arceneaux.  27", E.  The registration description: "Canary yellow with orange-red overcast; canary yellow style arms; small yellow crest. I. fulva type."  A hybrid but apparently between red and yellow collected forms of I. fulva, making it essentially a species form.  Great color contrast between the styles and petals.  Bazeti X Maringouin fulva (yellow).

Louisiana-Iris-English-Turn ENGLISH TURN.  R2012, Patrick O'Connor.  34", M. Medium rose falls and slightly lighter standards. Rounded flower form with overlapping lightly ruffled petals. Styles rose with distinct and frilly beige tips. Small yellow arrowhead signal. A handsome flower and very good increaser. German Coast x Chuck Begnaud.  
Louisiana-Iris-Edmond-Riggs EDMOND RIGGS.  R2002, Richard Sloan.  38", M.  Falls pastel lilac veined deeper, with yellow edge and reverse.  Standards pastel lilac pink with yellow reverse.  Style arms cream green.  Signals yellow and extending to near end of petal, less intense on standards; edges serrated.  Unknown parentage.  
Louisiana-Iris -Emory-Smith EMORY SMITH.  R1999, Patrick O'Connor.  36", M.  Blue-lavender self with cream styles tipped blue-lavender.  Small white thumbprint signal with yellow center line. Noble Moment x Sea Consul.  Excellent in the garden with lots of soft blue-lavender and contrasting creamy styles.   
Louisiana Iris-False River FALSE RIVER.  R1992, Patrick O'Connor.  36", M.  Deep red with showy thumbprint signal of yellow, veined red.  Styles have a cream and green cast, tipped red.  Mocker's Song x Harland K. Riley.  An overlooked red with excellent substance.     
Louisiana Iris-Faubourg-Marigny FAUBOURG MARIGNY.  R2011.  Sdlg. 08-10. 38", EM.  Pale blue over a white ground. Falls recurve a bit. Styles white. Lightly ruffled.  Orange dagger signal..     Bywater X Beale Street.  Very vigorous.  Named for an old New Orleans neighborhood that adjoins the French Quarter downriver. "Faubourg" is an old French word meaning roughly "suburb."   
Louisiana-Iris-Feliciana-Hills FELICIANA HILLS.  R1987, Patrick O'Connor.  34", M.  Pink self, yellow dagger signal tipped with a spear of deep pink.  Styles deeper pink.   One of the best clear pinks available and a good grower.  Wide foliage.  Deneb x unknown.    
Louisiana-Iris-Fiesta-Gal FIESTA GAL.  R1987, Charles Arny.  36", M.  Registered as having blood red standards and falls, and a large bright irregular signal.  Not sure about that exact color, but it is a nice red and a good, reliable iris.  Valera x Charlie's Ginny.  
Louisiana-Iris-Flame-On FLAME ON.   R1985, Henry Rowlan.  38", EM.  Standards cardinal red.  Falls lighter.  Very large bright yellow arrowhead signal that is wider and longer than the deep red styles.  Deep red signals red (53B) crest and styles with green throat at base of styles.  Roll Call x Tarnished Brass.  The contrast between the deep red styles and the exceptional signals is the main feature of this older iris.  
Louisiana Iris - Flareout FLAREOUT.  R1988, Marvin Granger.  17", M.  Cartwheel form;  all falls with signal on each petal.  Light blue-purple.  Styles greenish cream tipped blue purple.  Styles have greenish cream background, which in combiniation with the styles creates a greenish white center area. Double Talk x CQ69-1: (Creole Can-Can x Queen O’ Queens)While the height given in the registration is 17", the true height is nearer 30".  
Louisiana-Iris-Frenchmen-Street FRENCHMEN STREET.  R2002, Patrick O'Connor.  38", E.  Light buff-orange self.  Orange spear signal outlined in salmon with a streak extending to the tip of the falls. (Shizuoka Sunrise x False) x Emory Smith.   Robust plants with large rhizomes and thick stalks which sometimes produce offsets like a daylily.  Interesting color and pattern.  
Louisiana-Iris-Gentilly GENTILLY.  R2003, Patrick O'Connor.   36", M.  Peach-beige self.  Yellow dagger signal surrounded with red-orange.  Uniquely marked styles, green at center with cream and wine markings, and wine tips.  Hurricane Colin x Tchoupitoulas.  Average increase on a unique iris.  
Louisiana-Iris-German-Coast GERMAN COAST. R2007, Patrick O'Connor.  Faubourg-St. John x self.  40", M.  The purple, crepey flower is similar to Faubourg-St. John but on a much taller, very well branched stalk.  The signal is a bright yellow arrowhead.  The styles are purple wine, with purple frilly tips, a yellow-cream ridge, and greenish as the base.  Has been a good parent.  
Louisiana-Iris-Ginny's Choice

GINNY'S CHOICE.  R2003, Wayland Rudkin. 26", M.  Standards and falls blue violet,  Yellow steeple signal with greenish crest. Ruffled and recurved. Cotton Plantation X Bayou Mystique. HM 2008, AM 2010. Very nice flower and a prolific grower.  I am fnding that the tendency to have signals on the standards as well as the falls is variable.

GRACELAND.  R1979, Mary Dunn.  32-34, M.  Bright deep blue self, blended deeper in center of falls; no signal with a slight reddish cast to style arms.  Vigorous.   Clyde Redmond x New Offering.  
Grand Coteau

GRAND COTEAU.  R2009, Patrick O'Connor. 36", M.  Light salmon standards and falls.  Falls have deep salmon streak from tip of yellow arrowhead signal. Styles cream.  (94-1: Hurricane Colin x Irish Bayou) X Sharon Juliette.  Nice stalks and a pretty flower.  

Louisiana-Iris-Great-White-Hope GREAT WHITE HOPE.   R1999, Dorman Haymon.  51", EM.  Stands dark blue violet; style arms near black, edged cream; falls very dark purplish violet; ruffled, flared.  A big, imposing iris growing to 51 inches.  Stands out.  It's difficult to capture the color in pictures. Jeri x Easter Tide.    
Gris Gris GRIS GRIS.  R2011. 34", M.  Sdlg. 08-38.  Deep red self, approaching maroon. Styles slightly darker.  Yellow dagger signal outlined in wine.  Andouille x Cherry Cup.  A gris gris is a Voodoo charm or talisman kept to ward off evil.  Hopefully this iris will have the same effect.  
Louisiana-Iris-Gulf-Moonglow GULF MOON GLOW.   R1994, Albert Faggard.   40", EM.   Standards light lavender blue, edged yellow.  Style arms green, yellow edge and claws.  Falls yellow green, heavily veined green, hint of lavender around edge, darkening toward center, long yellow green signal. Easter Tide X Old South.  
Louisiana-Iris-Harland-K-Riley HARLAND K. RILEY.  R1970, W. B. MacMillan.  40", M.  Yellow with brown veining on falls. Greenish styles.  Unknown parentage.  An old favorite that does not look that old.  SOLD OUT  
Louisiana-Iris-Heavenly-Glow HEAVENLY GLOW.   R1988, Richard Morgan.  36-42, E.  An orange-coral.  Peach might be a good description.  The green styles make this iris stand out. The yellow signal is narrowly outlined rust.  A good garden performer and a distinctive flower.  Generally grows shorter than the registered height of 36+ inches.  (Missey Reveley x Ila Nunn) x Gold Reserve.    
Louisiana-Iris-Henry-Rowlan HENRY ROWLAN.  R2000, M. D. Faith.  43", EM.  Standards and style arms blue purple; falls slightly darker.  Bold golden yellow signal.  This is a gorgeous iris.  A smooth purple set off by the striking contrast with the yellow signal.  Great stalks and a good grower.  Winner of the Mary Swords Debaillon Award.  Voodoo Song x unknown.  
Louisiana-Iris-Highland-Road HIGHLAND ROAD.  R2005, Patrick O'Connor.  30", M.  Falls red with slight blue-purple suffusion.  Standards are a light purplish pink.  Style arms are cream, washed and tipped red-purple.  Bright yellow crown signal.  False River X Prytania.  Named for the picturesque road in Baton Rouge that hugs the natural banks of the Mississippi.     
Louisiana-Iris-Honey-Galore HONEY GALORE.  R1999, Ron Betzer.  32", M.  Falls dark honey, veined and overlaid bright amber, orange buff edge. Standards orange buff.  Lime green steeple signal.  Style arms orange buff, infused black and green toward base. Lightly ruffled.  Louisiana Teddy Bear x Gladiator's Gift.  Nice iris and an unusual color.    
Louisiana-Iris-Honey-Star HONEY STAR.  R1991, Janet Hutchinson. 34", M.  Standards. cream, veined buff wine, giving pale apricot effect.   Falls cream, blushed and veined buff wine.  Rich yellow signal.  Margaret Hunter X unknown.  A very vigorous plant from an Australian hybridizer.  
Louisiana Iris 'Hurricane Colin' HURRICANE COLIN.  R1992, Patrick O'Connor.  Rosy orange self.  Showy yellow-orange crown signal.  Unknown parentage.  37", M.  A favorite iris from way back, a bee cross from the first abortive attempts to set seed.  Has proven an excellent parent.  Very nice color  
Louisiana-Iris-Hurricane-Party HURRICANE PARTY.   R1986, Dorman Haymon, .   39", M.  Lightly ruffled full red violet, slightly darker around large triangular yellow gold signal and down center of falls.  Cream styles shading to full dark red violet; slight fragrance. Blue Duke X Ann Chowning.  Excellent plant on a husky zigzag stalk.  Heavy substance that resembles a tetraploid.    
Louisiana-Iris-Hush-Money HUSH MONEY.  R1998, Mary Dunn. 36", M.  Standards cream with a blue cast. Falls cream toward center, light blue cast toward edges.  Orange steeple signal on a cream-yellow ground.  Styles greenish becoming cream at the tips. Ruffled.  A very distinctive icy blue with contrasting orange and green markings.  Unusual and pretty. (Clara Goula x Clara Goula) x (Monument x Handmaiden).  
Louisiana-Iris-Irish-Bayou IRISH BAYOU.  R2002, Patrick O'Connor.  Deep rose pink with rose veining over a powdery pink suffusion.  Yellow arrowhead signal.  Lightly fluted and flaring.  Contrasting cream styles.  Deneb x Mac's Blue Heaven.  36", M.  This has been a good parent and grower.    

KATRINA DOG. R2009, Patrick O'Connor. 36", EM.  Falls peachy tan and slightly recurved.  Standards lighter, near white.  Ruffled.  Styles cream with green overlay toward center.  Yellow arrowhead signal with green veining and a green center spear.  Ann Hordern x Irish Channel.  


Louisiana-Iris-Kay-Nelson KAY NELSON.  R1986, Marvin Granger.  20-22, M.  Medium to deep lavender pink falls, with light greenish yellow signal. Standards light lavender pink.  Ruffled.  Winner of Mary Swords Debaillon Award, 1995. Lafitte's Retreat x Charlie's Michele.    
Louisiana-Iris-King-Louis KING LOUIS..  R2002, Mary Dunn.  24", VE-E.  Medium blue, with lighter style arms cream tinged green. Narrow white serrated edging.  Good Vibes x Good Vibes.  
Louisiana-Iris-Lafitte-Celebration LAFITTE CELEBRATION.   R2002, Patrick O'Connor.  36", M.  Warm coral pink with matching styles.  Yellow arrowhead signal.   Feliciana Hills x (Dr. Dormon x Ann Chowning).  The color is the main deal about this iris.  Not many quite like it.  
Louisiana-Iris-Lake-Sylvia LAKE SYLVIA.  Richard Morgan, R1991. 24", M.  Medium blue, orange yellow signal.  Everett Caradine x Clyde Redmond) X Trail of Tears.  This short iris may be the most brilliant, saturated blue available.  The color is hard to capture and it is less purple than shown.  An open form and charming garden display.  
Louisiana-Iris-Lakeview LAKEVIEW.    R2007, Patrick O'Connor.  36", ML.  A violet red iris with contrasting greenish-cream styles.  Opens with a flaring form but flattens.  The falls are a richer violet red than the standards and are marked with deeper line red markings from the tip of the inconspicuous yellow crown signal extending most of the length of the falls.  Kristi G x Whereyat  
Louisiana-Iris-Laura-Louise LAURA LOUISE.   R1990, Joseph Mertzweiller by Rusty Ostheimer) 28", ML.   Yellow orange, signal yellow orange (17A). Parentage record lost, but it involved 'President Hedley', Mertzwiller's excellent yellow.  'Laura Louise' is an excellent, reliable garden iris.  
Louisiana-Iris-Lillie-Edwards LILLIE EDWARDS.  R2002, Patrick O'Connor.  42", ML.  Falls lavender violet with white rim, white suffused area with lavender violet veining near styles.  Standards light lavender pink, white suffusion; style arms lavender pink; yellow lance signal; very broad, slightly recurved form.  Clara Goula x Mudbug.    
Louisiana-Iris-Little-Woods LITTLE WOODS.  R2004, Patrick O'Connor.  20-22", M.  Rosy pink. Falls have light wine line markings outlining a yellow-green line signal and then extending down the center of the petals.  Styles light green becoming wine red toward center of the flower.  (Tchoupitoulas x Emory Smith) X Heavenly Glow.  An interesting shorter iris that multiplies very well.  
Louisiana-Iris-Longue-Vue LONGUE VUE.   R1999, Dorman, Haymon. 38", M.  A large, ruffled white of excellent form.  Some olive veining, aging white.  Easter Tide x Dural White Butterfly.    
Louisiana-Iris-Louis-Armstrong LOUIS ARMSTRONG.  R2013, Patrick O'Connor.   36", M. Ruffled reddish purple near-self.  Falls a slightly deeper color.  Flaring, somewhat fluted flower form that shows well from a distance.  Reddish purple styles have a light yellow margin and yellow midrib near the base.  Tchoupitoulas x Mister Joe. Reliable bloomer and increaser.    
Louisiana Iris 'Low And Inside' LOW AND INSIDE.R2013, Patrick O'Connor.  M, 24”.  Sdlg. 09-06  .   Standards medium yellow.  Falls medium yellow with darker rust-rose veins over lower two-thirds of the petals.  Styles medium yellow with a deep rose wash on the lower third.   Orange line signal.  A short plant with proportionately smaller flowers.  Forms very dense clump with a lot of increase.  Zig-zag, brevicaulis-type stalks.   03-67 X Highland Road.  03-67:  94-20 x Prytania  94-20:  (HK Riley x Gold Reserve) x Flame On.  2013 INTRODUCTION  
Louisiana-Iris-Lower-Nine LOWER NINE.  R2008, Patrick O'Connor.  36-38", EM.  A smooth-colored, lightly ruffled pale yellow.  The signal area is loosely defined and consists of a line of orange surrounded by greenish veins and a yellow orange ground that provides a richer contrast to the remainder of the pale yellow falls.  The standards are pale yellow with inconspicuous greenish-yellow center lines.  The styles are pale yellow.  Southdowns X (Feliciana Hills x Natural Wonder). This iris is a good grower and a clump will stand out in a few years.  “Lower Nine” is the local name for the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, utterly devastated by Katrina but hopefully headed for a rebirth.  
Louisiana-Iris-Lucky-Dog LUCKY DOG.  R2010, Patrick O'Connor.  28-30", L.  Deep rose pink self.  Styles are distinctly green at base becoming nearer cream and marked with very deep rose tips and center ridge.  Signal is a wide yellow line that does not extend much beyond the styles. The outstanding feature of the iris is late bloom and rapid multiplication. There won't be many clumps still in full bloom when this iris is at its peak.  The numerous stalks create a floriferous look, although the iris does not produce many double sockets.   Twelve Mile Bridge x Mister Joe.  
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