Louisiana Iris Gallery 2013

RED BEANS. R2007, Patrick O'Connor.  32, M. Blooms midseason A medium height rich, rusty red iris with a bright yellow steeple signal.  The signal is outlined in deep red rust.  Close to a perfect self with rusty red styles and standards only a shade less lustrous than the falls.  This iris has an excellent stalk with double sockets at most sites.  A vigorous, floriferous iris that makes an excellent garden plant.  Tickfaw X Prytania.  



RED DAZZLER.   R1969, Hale.  20-28, M.  Short and bright.  Grows 20 inches tall or a bit more and is a vivid red self with a velvet sheen on the falls.  No visible signal.  Breeding involves Dorothea K. Williamson and fulva over three generations.  This is another old, open and short iris that will contrast with modern hybrids.  The color has not been surpassed.


RED ECHO.  R1983, Henry Rowlan.  Scarlet red. Grayed purple line signal. Scarlet red style arms and crest.  36 inches.  A relatively small, open flower reminiscent of the species, but with a brilliant color.  Tarnished Brass x Terra cotta I. fulva. 
REMOULADE.  R2013, Patrick O'Connor.  34-36", M. .  A clear reddish orange, about the color of a remoulade sauce.  Falls and standards the same color but with a bit more saturation in the falls.  Styles closely match in color.  The signal is a bright yellow, distinctly defined and somewhat jagged arrowhead shape.  Kelley's Choice x Metairie Ridge. This iris does not have a fancy, ruffled flower, but the simple form seems to emphasize the beautiful clear color.  
RIGOLETS.   R2004, Patrick O'Connor.  Sdlg.  01-11.   36-38".   Mid season. Falls and medium yellow and standards a bit lighter.  Deep orange thumbprint signal, lighter orange near outer edge.  Greenish styles.  Lightly ruffled. (Hurricane Colin x Irish Bayou) X Our Parris.  Vigorous yellow with great form..  The name is pronounced "rig'-o-lees." 
RIVER ROAD.   R1992, Patrick O'Connor.   Medium blue.  Yellow line signal on white ground. Medium blue styles with white marking.  Slightly ruffled. Southdowns x Clyde Redmond.  36", M.  Older, but still a nice mid-blue with an excellent stalk, often with branching.  Vigorous, and blooms from small rhizomes.
 SCARLET LADY.  R1980, Joseph Mertzweiller.  39-47, ML.  Registered as an iridescent brick red. Yellow line signal.  Unknown parentage. Good red iris but not much grown today.
SECOND LINE.  R2013, Patrick O'Connor.   34-36", M.  Mid purple standards and falls.  Wide and prominent styles; base color reddish purple with wide off-white border and even longer tips.  Style flare upward from the flower at about 45 degrees.  Yellow arrowhead signal.  The prominent styles are the distinguishing feature of this vigorous iris. Nottoway x My Friend Dick.  

SHIZUOKA SUNRISE.  R2001, Patrick O'Connor.  Sdlg. 90-1.  Falls red with large yellow arrowhead signal.  Standards have orange buff base overlaid with deeper red-orange veining.  Ann Chowning x President Hedley.  37", M.  Flaring form; standards held upright.  Great increaser.  

SINFONIETTA.  R1986, Robert Raabe.  A saturated mid-blue with blue styles with a cream rib.  One of the clearest, brightest of the few true blue irises.  Vigorous.  Grows 33 inches and blooms midseason.  Bethany Douglas x (Clara Goula x Gatewood Princess).
SOUTHDOWNS.  R1992, Patrick O'Connor.  Sdlg. 80-6.  Upon opening, the petals are a web of fine purple veins over a white suffusion. Quickly fades to what appears to be ice blue.  Styles creamy white.  Orange spear signal.  Cajun Caper x unknown. 38", E.  This is a vigorous garden iris, one of the few icy blues available.  Looks great in the light of early evening.  Pollen parent is almost surely Mac's Blue Heaven, although a bee did the work.
STORYVILLE.   R2005, Patrick O'Connor.  Sdlg. 02-04B.  28".  Red falls with a purple underlay near edges and an orange suffusion near center.  Falls a lighter red.  Reverse side of petals is yellow, creating pretty buds with a red and yellow contrast. Bright yellow spear signal.  Kelley’s Choice X Prytania.  Named for an historically interesting and famous early-1900s red light district in New Orleans.    
SUNSHINE BRIDGE.  R2001, Patrick O'Connor.  38-40', EM.  Falls rose wine on lower half, with large veined rose and bright yellow-cream signal area dominating upper half.  Standards a blend of rose-orange and cream.  Styles cream with some rose-orange marking. Charlie's Michele x Beausoleil.   Flaring form offers a grace reminiscent of the species.  Great in the garden and also for shows.  Vigorous.   
Louisiana Iris-Tchoupitoulas
TCHOUPITOULAS.  R2002, Patrick O'Connor.  Sdlg. 95-8.  Flat colored light purple self. Unusual red-violet signal markings on all petals with matching color on the styles.  Ice Magic x River Road. 36", L.  Unusual color combination that has proven an excellent parent.  Late bloom extends the season.  Unique.  

THANKSGIVING FEST.   R1998, Mary Dunn.  38", M.  Registered as a "cranberry self," which hardly seems like enough to say about the deep, beautiful color.  Very vigorous and an excellent garden iris.  Petals are a bit fluted.  If the color is not unique, it is close to it.  Rich and Famous x Natural Wonder.

TWELVE MILE BRIDGE .  R2007, Patrick O'Connor.  36", ML.  Medium rose with falls lightly edged white.  The standards are slightly lighter.  Styles are green-cream washed with rose.  Yellow thumbprint signal with steeple tip and some rusty lines extending a short distance into the falls.  (94-1: Hurricane Colin x Irish Bayou) x Our Parris.
TWISTED SISTER.  R2003, Patrick O'Connor.  Sdlg. 96-7.  Frosted rose self with white suffusion.  Yellow orange spear signal.  Beausoleil x Irish Bayou.  36", ML.  The form of this iris is unique.  The petals are very upright and stay that way.  All the petals are a bit twisted or fluted.  Unique.  
UNDER RADAR. R2011.  22", M.  Sdlg. 03-07.  Bicolor with yellow standards and amber falls.  A short plant and smallish flower.  Styles green tipped yellow with wine at the base.  Signal consists of a green dagger surrounded by a yellow blotch that sometimes is outlined in reddish veins.  (Mudbug x ((Harland K. Riley x Gold Reserve)) x Flame On) X Lemon Zest.  
VELVET MEMORY.  R1994, Richard Morgan.  28", M.  Dark red-violet.  Tan halo on falls. Medium green-yellow steeple signal,  Lightly ruffled.  Treasured Memories X (L203-A: (Melon Time x Chowning 77-6: (Mockers Song x Ann Chowning))  A wonderful iris from a great hybridizer.  Virtually nothing else comes close to the color.
VICTORIA INN.  R2002, Patrick O'Connor.  37", M.  Red-violet near self.  Styles a combination of green, cream and red violet.  Yellow crown signal.  False River x Irish Bayou.  A beautiful iris that multiplies well.  Rich color and nice contrast in the styles.
Louisiana Iris 'When Pigs Fly'
WHEN PIGS FLY.  R2013, Patrick O'Connor. ML, 30-32”.  .  Standards  pale amber on opening, fading to pearl white;  pale violet lines in center.   Falls pale amber on opening, fading to pearl  white.  Bright yellow dagger signal on falls outlined in bright violet that radiates out about half the width and length of the falls.  Styles cream white.  Sdlg. 10-34  Percolator x Bellocq2013 INTRODUCTION
Louisiana-Iris -Whereyat
WHEREYAT.  R2003, Patrick O'Connor.  36", M.  Deep purple self. Deeper purple veining around yellow lance signal.  Styles greenish tipped purple.  Unknown parentage.  Very good grower and bloomer.  
Louisiana Iris 'Zydeco'
ZYDECO.  R1999. Sdlg.  95-11.  Burnt orange self.  Yellow styles outlined with deeper burnt orange.  28-30", M. Excellent bud count and stalk.  Lots of flowers in a great color.  Shizuoka Sunrise x High Rank.  
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