Louisiana Iris
Introductions for 2014

Zydeco Louisiana Iris Garden previously introduced Patrick O'Connor's new irises.  Since Zydeco is no longer a commercial nursery, those introductions will be handled by Louisiana Iris Gardens.  The Zydeco site will still display pictures of new introductions.  There will be only one for 2014 but more will be forthcoming in the next few years.

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  Louisiana Iris 'Everything That Rises'  
EVERYTHING THAT RISES.  R2014, Patrick O'Connor. 34”, L.  Ruffled yellow near self.  Falls very wide with light olive green veins at base and narrow olive green dagger signal on a small orange thumbprint.  Flaring standards a slightly lighter yellow.  Very overlapping flower form.  Wide, creamy yellow style arms somewhat frilly toward tips.  Mothership X German Coast.