ABOVE: Three of Joseph Mertzweiller's irises:  'Scarlet Lady', 'Just Helene', and 'Colorific'.  Joe conceived the iris planting in Independence Park and was heavily involved in its early planning and development. RIGHT:  Mertzweiller's 'President Hedley'.  UPPER RIGHT: A large clump of 'Flareout'.  BELOW, from left:  'Flareout' (Granger), the award winning 'Cajun Sunrise', 'Bera' and 'Aunt Shirley', all by the late Joe Mertzweiller of Baton Rouge.


The Louisiana Iris Garden in Baton Rouge's Independence Park was designed specifically for Louisiana irises.  It is not a water garden, however, and nicely illustrates how well Louisianas perform in typical garden beds provided that they are well watered.  The range of colors and flower forms is huge.  As the irises on this and subsequent pages show, the Garden is well worth a spring stroll in Baton Rouge.  Visitors can look for bloom beginning in mid to late March and lasting into late April.


  Louisiana Iris-Flareout Louisiana-Iris-Cajun-Sunrise Louisiana-Iris-Bera Louisiana-Iris-Aunt-Shirley  
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