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  Highland Park  

     Highland Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, often called the “father of landscape architecture."  In the late 1800s,  Olmstead designed many well know parks, including Central Park in New York and the Biltmore Estate gardens in Asheville.

     Highland Park was designed as an arboretum, and although many features have been added over the years, the Olmstead core is preserved to serve its original purpose.  The Monroe County web site points to “over 1200 lilac shrubs ..., a


Japanese Maple collection, 35 varieties of sweet-smelling magnolias, a barberry collection, a rock garden with dwarf evergreens, 700 varieties of rhododendron, azaleas, mountain laurel and andromeda, horse chestnuts, spring bulbs and wildflowers and a large number of trees."  The Park also hosts an annual Lilac Festival.

     The Iris Friendship Garden is located in the original section of the Park and extends and embellishes the mission of displaying a wide variety of plants.

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  Photos by Gene Lupinetti      
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