The pink 'Feliciana Hills'
The Iris Friendship Garden
Marie Caillet  

Variety in form and color, from opening bud to fading flower

Upper left: The pink 'Feliciana Hills' (O'Connor) about to open.  Above: 'Marie Caillet' (Conger) in the forground with 'My Friend Dick' (Faith) behind.  Below, first row from left.  'Sunshine Bridge' (O'Connor), 'Rochester Lilacs' (H. Pryor), and the species-like 'Red Echo' (Rowlan).  Bottom right:  'Rocket Launch' (Betts) and 'My Friend Dick' up close.
Sunshine Bridge Rochester Lilacs species-like 'Red Echo'
Iris Friendship Garden Rocket Launch
My Friend Dick
  Photos by Gene Lupinetti  
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