Marie Caillet of Little Elm, Texas

by Marie Caillet
No. 50, July/August 1996

In its July/August 1996 issue, Fine Gardening magazine published a wonderful article on Louisiana irises by Marie Caillet.  Marie was a founding member of the Society for Louisiana Irises, co-author of the authoritative book on these plants and has been their stalwart promoter for many years.  While she has written extensively on Louisiana irises, the Fine Gardening article was particularly nice, eight pages in length and beautifully photographed by Charles Mann of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  

At one time, the Jazzy article was available online at the Fine Gardening website.  Now, Fine Gardening has graciously made it available as a pdf file that can be viewed for a limited time.

The pdf file is 2.3 megabytes in size and so will be a substantial download over phone lines, but the article is well worth seeing and will not be available forever.  

This is a near-timeless article by a wonderful person.  Do keep in mind that it is now nine years old, and some information, such as the list of Louisiana iris sources, is partially out of date.

    Open Jazzy Louisiana Irises  (pdf 2.3 megabytes)