Iris Brevicaulis in the Garden

Iris brevicaulis is not as imposing as other species. It does not appear as masses of blue in picturesque cypress swamps. Brevicaulis is neither a jaw-dropping red color nor a giant that stands above other plants. Sometimes it is plentiful in low wet areas and along sloughs and other drainage areas, but flowers that open down in low growing foliage are not likely to be iris poster kids. Nonetheless, the species is interesting if not spectacular in the garden. And because of its form, brevicaulis is quite nice as cut a flower and in flower arrangements.

Iris brevicaulis in the Garden

A clump of Iris brevicaulis photographed by Robert Turley in Central Louisiana.  Typically, the foliage is not entirely upright, the stalks lean, and the uppermost flowers open low on the stalk and down in the foliage instead of above it.

White Form of Iris Brevicaulis

The rare white form of brevicaulis.

Iris brevicaulis found in Tennessee

Iris brevicaulis found in Tennessee.