Rodney Barton's Brevicaulis Page

Rodney Barton's Brevicaulis Page previously was part of his North American Native Iris site, which is no longer active.  Rodney generously permitted a move of the Louisiana iris species pages to the Zydeco species section. Rodney lives and grows irises in Hickory Creek, TX, near Dallas.

Iris brevicaulis Rafinesque (Short stemmed iris)

_Photo by Mark Bulger.
Probable I. brevicaulis from Texas.  Additional photos in habitat.
Lavender form (Click photo for a larger view.)

I. brevicaulis'Trail of Tears'.

Photo showing "zig-zag" stalk.
Photo by RAB

Habitat: Damp meadows and ditches.

Bloom: Early to mid May in Zone 7/8. Latest of the No. Am. natives except for I. tridentata.



Distribution of I. brevicaulis:

Green indicates presence of I. brevicaulis within the state or province.

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