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More Jean Lafitte Pictures

In a Cypress Swamp in the Town of Jean Lafitte, South of New Orleans

Iris Giganticaerulea in the Town of Jean Lafitte

The Town of Jean Lafitte is about 20 miles South of New Orleans.  It is surrounded by water.  The dry land in the area is narrow, following both sides of Bayou Barataria as it flows toward the Gulf.  About six miles South of the Town center, the road ends at the marsh.   This picture was taken in the Town a few hundred yards from the main road.  Several years ago, a boardwalk was constructed that takes visitors on a long loop through the swamp.

Iris Giganticaerulea from the Boardwalk in Jean Lafitte

A view from the boardwalk in Jean Lafitte

Iris Giganticaeruleas at Victoria Inn

A view from behind a small pond looking toward the main house at the former Victoria Inn and Gardens, a wonderful bed and breakfast in Lower Lafitte that unfortunately is no longer in operation.  The Lafitte community sponsors an annual Celebration of the Louisiana Iris in early April that features garden tours, swamp walks, lectures and crafts.  The irises can also be seen in profusion in the Jean Lafitte National Park and Preserve a short distance from the Town of Jean Lafitte.

More Giganticaeruleas at Victoria Inn

Another view of giganticaeruleas at Victoria Inn.

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